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Paloma Foods, an Australian company, providing for the public since 1978.

A company that has evolved and expanded throughout the years, we strive to provide the highest quality products at the best prices for our customers.  Being wholly Australian owned, you can be sure that we are investing in this great country of ours.

Bulk Sour Worms - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Gummy Bears - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Sour Rainbow Belts - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Peach Rings - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Party Mix - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Sour Watermelon - nutsandsweets.com.au
Bulk Chocolate Freckles
Bulk Licorice Allsorts - nutsandsweets.com.au
Confectionery SWEETWORLD FAIRY FLOSS 15G X 18 - nutsandsweets.com.au
Confectionery Fini Watermelon BubbleGum200'S - nutsandsweets.com.au
Fini Roller Fantasy Sour Candy Belt 20G X 40 - nutsandsweets.com.au
Novelty CANDY SOURS 15G X 36 - nutsandsweets.com.au
BRAIN LICKER Sour Candy 60ML  X 12 - nutsandsweets.com.au
Chemist - Quick.Eze Roll 12 Tablets X 32 - nutsandsweets.com.au
Confectionery - Warheads Sour Hard Candy Tub 3.1g X 240 - nutsandsweets.com.au
M&M Minis Chocolate 24 pack-35g
Remote Control Transforming Toy Car
Toys - Wireless Mini-Drone - nutsandsweets.com.au
Toys Super Wireless Racing Car - nutsandsweets.com.au
TOYS Four Wheel Drive ATV 1'S X 8 - nutsandsweets.com.au
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