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Salted Mixed Nuts
A lightly salted mix of delicious nuts including walnuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, cashews and almonds...
Raw Cashews
Full of protein, iron and minerals, a tasty nut perfect for baking and snacking.
unsalted Peanuts
Roasted in house, ensuring their freshness, these peanuts make a healthy snack packed full of...
Flaked Almonds
Flaked Almonds are great for topping salads, cereal and awesome for baking. White thin flakes...
Raw macadamia
Fresh Australian Macadamia nuts, delicious in cookies, cakes, muesli or delicious on their own.
Smoked Almonds
Smoked almonds are roasted for that little bit longer to get that delicious smoky taste....
Wasabi Peas
A delicious snack with a kick, wasabi peas are sure to satisfy your taste buds!...
Toasty BBQ Corn
Crunchy toasted corn, with a delicous smoky bbq flavour. Kids and Adults love this snack,...
Almond meal
Almond Meal is a low-carb, gluten-free baking alternative. Great for baking, it is rich in...
Salted Peanuts
These salted peanuts are a great snack, roasted in house, ensuring their freshness