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Company Profile

PALOMA Foods Pty Ltd is now the parent company and encompasses Sydney Nut & Sweet and the Paloma Nuts & Confectionery brands. We are fast becoming a well recognised brand nationally. We provide Australians with premium Nuts, Wholesome dried Fruits, Fun sweets and confectionery, and bonbonniere servicing them from our factory in Sydney. We are also Nut Roasters, Wholesalers and packers.


The Sydney Nut & Sweet was started by an immigrant family in 1978, as a neighbourhood retailer of nuts, beans and seeds. The business was purchased by Richard Lewis in 1982. Richard realised that to carry the company forward he would need to differentiate his products from the many generic baggers who were in business at the time. The “Nutcracker Sweet” brand name was born in 1984 and concentrating on quality and service under Richard’s guidance, the company grew to become a well known name and supplier to a wider range of retailers across Sydney and into the NSW country areas. Richard developed the food service side of the business and was successful in becoming preferred supplier to Harris Farm Markets, Campbell’s Cash & Carry and the Duffy Bros and chain of fruit markets.

Richard sold in 1995. The previous owners purchased the business in December 2010. Leveraging off the company’s reputation for quality and service, we won back many old customers who had turned to other suppliers.

  • Sales have markedly increased as customers flock back to the quality and outstanding services that we provide..
  • New systems have been introduced to improve our responsiveness to customer requirements.
  • New distributorships have been negotiated and this will become an increasingly important part of the business as time goes by.

Our Customer Base

The real strength of any business lies in its customers. We are proud to be suppliers to the following companies in NSW:.

  • FoodWorks
  • Friendly Grocer
  • Grocery Shops
  • Vending Companies
  • Fruit Shops
  • Newsagencies
  • Major City Hotels and Restaurants
  • Reception Houses
  • City Convenience Stores
  • Ezy Mart Stores
  • Metro Petroleum
  • Caltex Petroleum
  • Shell Petroleum
  • BP Petroleum
  • Speedway Petroleum
  • Enhance Petroleum
  • United Petroleum
  • Volume Plus
  • Westside Petroleum
  • IGA Specialty Supermarkets
  • Car Washes
  • Cafes
  • Promotional Companies
  • Cignal, TSG, …
  • Independent Supermarkets, Fruit markets and Petrol Stations across the state.

Product Range

We think of our business on four levels.


Pillow packs 50g to 500g across the complete range of nuts, nut products, dried fruits, snackfoods, beans, seeds and approximately 50 confectionery lines.

Sho-Bowl packaging of all the above products to order, adding gourmet items such as glace` fruits, muscatel on stem, and cherries. Also toasted salad seeds, and multi compartment party packs and nibble packs.

Our own nibble mixes including “Energy Mix, Tropical Mix, Party Nibbles, Pacific Sunset, Bhuja, Hawaiian Mix”


1Kg, 2Kg and 5Kg soft packs across the complete range of nuts, nut products, dried fruits, snackfoods and mixes plus beans, seeds and approximately 50 confectionery lines branded “The Sydney Nut & Sweet Co”. Targeting hotels, clubs, restaurants, caterers and caterer’s suppliers.


Products packed to order for corporate customers in custom designed packaging. This can include confectionery jars 100g to 2Kg, promotional products, cello packs, acetate and cardboard boxes, with the addition of ribbons, labels, fabric and stickers. These products are generally branded “Corporate Confectionery from the Sydney Nut & Sweet Co”


Combinations of all of the above styles of products sold direct from our warehouse facility to the public. This trade will be increasingly web based as we progress.

Our Future

PALOMA Foods Pty Ltd will remain a niche marketer differentiating on high quality and a level of service unmatched by our competitors.

There will be greater focus on product marketing and creating greater brand awareness in the industry leading to brand recognition and brand loyalty amongst our customers.

We will remain committed to creating a rewarding environment for our employees based on equal opportunity and high empowerment.

We will work towards being customer centric at all times.

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