Jelly Lollies

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Fruit Salad
Colourful jelly lollies in the shape of fruit that are full of fun and fruity...
Ice Cream Cones
Ice cream cones that taste like real ice cream
Hard Jubes 220g
Fruit jellies covered in sugar
Hard Jubes
A delicious mix of vibrantly coloured jubes dusted in sugar. These are slightly harder than...
Snakes 1kgB
Jelly lollies in the shape of racing cars
Sour worm lollies
Jubes Soft 1kgB
Soft Fruit Jellies covered in sugar
Frogs 1kgB
Frog Jelly lollies
Party Mix
A delicious mix of everyone's favourite jelly lollies. It includes Frogs, Jelly Babies, Raspberries, Strawberries...
Soft Jubes 220g
Soft Jelly lollies covered in sugar
Jelly Babies
Fruity Jelly lollies in the shape of cute babies in delicious fruity flavours
Jelly Beans 1kgB
Mixed Jelly Beans